Does CSS Frameworks Helps in Rapid Development of Websites ?

Recently I was reading an article in sitepoint about the css frameworks . Though I have heard about the css frameworks earlier I was not able to get completely . But after seeing the article I thought of looking once again deeply into it . Some of the most commonly used css frameworks are 1 ) Blue print CSS : 2 ) 960 Grid system : 3 ) YUI Grid : 4 ) Elastic : 5 ) YAML : and many more . You may be thinking why I thought of writing about CSS framework though I am a PHP developer ? Am I right ? Recently I got a chance to slice a website . As I am doing for the first time , it takes some time to complete it . The problems every one face is browser compatibility . Here comes the use of these frameworks . These comes with inbuilt classes for the need and is fully tested image . But the only problem is with the name of the class ( Eg : grid_1 prefix_6 suffix_5 ) . What makes me interested to look again to the css frameworks after reading the sitepoint article is we can make custom classes now . Yes every designers will be using the class names like header , footer , content , sidebar etc rather than the css grid_1 , grid_2 …. grid_15 . Though name is not a big deal for a good designer it makes some easiness for guys who donot have much css background . We can download the psd of the grid systems and slice the website with the size provided in it . A screenshot taken from 960 grid is given below . Look carefully the menu and other parts and see how its done . We should use the grid system when we start designing it . So will help much not to arrange any more text and images to left and right when we start slicing it . 960 grid css framework example Thus we can increase our productivity for the sites ( As its tested in many browsers you may never spend much time. ) . It may take a few additional hours when we are new . But it will be really helpful in the future when slicing web site . Wish you good luck and try slicing a psd from scratch using your favourite css frameworks. Updated : Now 960 grid system has one more layout , 24 column . Previously was only having 12 and 16 . I want to redesign this site using 960 grid . Hope I can come with a nice design for this drupal site . Want to brush up the theming concepts . Many things in the to do list .

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