Google Acquires reCAPTCHA

reCAPTCHAToday I saw a post in Googles official blog about their acquasition of recaptcha . Recaptcha is a wonderful service that stops spam like mollom of Dries Butt . If you have a mail id , then you may know what spam is . Gmail may be the best mail service which can protect spam . Now adays every mail service do like that . But gmail seems to be much better than any . If you have a website with a contact form , you can notice that it will be the most visited page . As a webdeveloper we should use a captcha service to block spam . Else our domain will be listed in the domain which generates spam . Recaptcha is a free service that can protect your forms from spam . There are many plugins or modules for wordpress , drupal etc . MolloMI am using mollom for protecting my forms as its a project developed by Dries the author of Drupal . Thanks to mollom too . I love mollom because it will not show the captcha unless it thinks its spam . There may be many other wonderful services like Mollom and recaptcha . You can use it, according to your taste .

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