Windows7 Not Released but Is Active

Windows 7 SinsThough Microsoft has not officially released the Windows 7 , their new operating system , FSF ( Free Software Foundation ) has started the site . Many of you may be knowing Vista was a major failure for Microsoft , I got a chance to see the operating system from one of my friend . Its really a tough job to use it . May be because I was new to Vista and I was not using Windows XP . There are lots of changes in the Control panel itself which was really complicated to many people I think after they are coming from a Windows XP background . As microsoft is telling their new OS will be light and users dont need to upgrade the hardware or buy new PC as Vista , we may need to see it . I don’t know how much profit will the make after the release of Windows 7 as Google itself is into the OSĀ market with the new Google chrome which is an opensource OS running on top of Linux kernel . If microsoft stops the Internet Explorer browser thenĀ  webdevelopers like me don’t want to work on windows from office too . As many of them are still using IE to browse the web. I do recommend Mozilla firefox for safer and faster browsing which is another opensource webbrowser which was once backed by the support of Google itself . Guys I recommend you to use any distro of GNU/Linux . The Ubuntu one of the debain based distro may be the popular one used by many users for the cannonical was sending free CD’s to home . There are lots of opensource and GPL based softwares . Enjoy the freedom of GNU/GPL and opensource . I am a developer so I love to see the new technology and will try to learn from it . So I am not against the company or its product but only to the properitery licence . Linus Torvalds has once told in the introduction of git in google summer of code that he don’t trust every one, and only trust a few . Like the same as I am a developer I don’t trust all but the community . So we may sometimes need to look into the code to know how it works . Am I right ? Happy Hacking image image.

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