Great Firefox Addons to Download Files Easily

Recently I was trying with two new addons . SkipScreen and Screengrab which is similar to FireShot but something extra . SkipScreen is used to skip the wait time . For eg : When we try to download some files from rapid share we may need to wait for 150 seconds . This wait time will be reduced when you are using the skip screen . This will skip the wait time not only of rapid share , but for the many sites . I hope this will be  a wonderful tool for you if you are using the skipscreen addon of Mozilla firefox . Screengrab which is similar to FireShot . But it has some more features . Both Screengrab and Fireshot is  a great tool especailly for web-developers . For eg : When we are adding a portfolio for a site we may need to grab a portion or the entire page. I have used the print screen and then the photoshop to make it. But now its simple with the help of screengrab and Fireshot . Both can take the entire page or the viewable part in the browser . But Screengrab can take a particular portion . You need just to drag the selection . It will get the screenshot for you . So no need to go and edit . But you can use photoshop or any other tool if needed . Browse the other wonderful collection of addons from mozilla firefox and let me know what you think about the other .

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