Mozilla Service Week and Rewards for You

Spread Firefox Affiliate ButtonService its something that is now in the day today life . A vehicle , a pc or anything needs service . The Mozilla service week is here . It starts from 14th of september to 21st 2009 . There are many programs during this week . A total of 8275 hours is donated . There are many affiliated programs also. You can get many cool Flip Video Camera, an iPod Touch, an iPod Nano, Amazon Gift Certificates and exclusive Top Fox T-shirts! This is not why I recommend Mozilla Firefox image . But its the browser that changes the world of Internet . As the Mozilla service week is here , if you need any help you can ask for the heps in the mozilla service website There are many volunteers around the world ready to support you for free if yours is a non profit organization . So be part of mozilla and change the world . Spread Firefox Affiliate Button Spread Firefox Affiliate Button These are some of the banners I have taken from the website . Hope you all enjoy the days from 14 to 21 st of september .

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