Will Bhuvan Get Much Popularity Like Google Earth ?

I was hearing about Bhuvan recently . I was little busy , but after receiving a mail with subject “Bhuvan: ISRO’s answer to google earth” I thought of looking the site . This is the address . http://bhuvan.nrsc.gov.in/ . I saw new news Bhuvan is available in Mozilla firefox and netscape . Bhuvan is only for the geographical area of India only . But I don’t think whether it will gain much popularity if they have not supported or developed a plugin for GNU/Linux or in common *nix systems . I think many of the Indians are now opensource lovers and have moved to *nix platform . So the ISRO which is a goverment body must really support the opensource projects rather than developing something for properitery OS. Now the web is a platform which makes the OS independent . So try to make something which is not an OSĀ dependent software . I hope they may come with a plugin for *nix systems . I would like to explore Bhuvan after that , and now its not an answer for Google earth . Google earth can be viewed from *nix systems . This is for ISRO peopleĀ image , track your site vistors Operating system and Browser and compare . You can see the difference . Google analytics is a good one or you can go for piwik an opensource web analytics tool .

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