Working on Zendstudio I5

I am learning Zendframework . When you are working on some frameworks you need a good IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ) . There are many IDE’s that are opensource and properitery . I was using Aptana once and then jumped to Eclipse . Recently I got a Zendstudio i5 licence . I was very Happy to see the Zendstudio licence.  If they have not given me a licence I may not be able to buy one too . I don’t earn that much money a month lol . I have loved to buy many videos and studio . But I was unable as I don’t have as much penny in my pocket. Anyway I got the Zendstudio-i5 which is a Perpetual license . So I am trying the IDE and will let you know how it looks and what are the things new in it . Keeping a screenshot of the zendstudio i5 . Zendstudio i5 to make easy development of Zendframework projects Bye and Thanks Zend once again for giving me one copy .

zendframework, zendstudioi5