Administration Module Generation for ZendFramework 1.9

Hello Guys Are you new to Zend Framework ? Are you new to MVC ? Then really you may have thought like me . Where to start and how to start ? Am I right ? Then this is post is for you my dear friend . I can admit one thing that learning Zend framework is hard though there is a big documentation . There is good examples to the components too . But we will not understand how to bind each other ? Am I right ? I am also new to Zend Framework . I like the ZF command line most. I looked for many articles , but many was in the old style . Recently I came to a pdf document which was very interesting which is used to administer the site . Every one will look for how to create an admin side using zend frameowork greater than 1.8 . Now its 1.9 too . I am keeping the pdf which was seen from Slideshare by Nick Belhomme. This is a great one for each and every one to start . Hope it may help you . There are many more people who writes about Zendframework in their blog. I recently created a search to search those sites which I think may be helpful to you too . So you can explore it too . The link is Good Luck guys . Explore the search engine and grab the Zend Framework . Bye for now . You can see some from me too in the coming days . lol Have created the base files need to start your zend framework project . Check it out from . Thanks to all who have supported me knowingly or unknowingly :) .

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