Zend Framework Command Line Tools

I was trying the Zend framework . So these are some of the things that I have learned after the start . Hope you have installed and configured Zend framework .Please do use some nice IDE’s like the Eclipse PDT¬†or Aptana or the Zend Studio . The IDE’s are very helpful when you work on projects with zend framework . Please add the include path to Eclipse so it will automatically show the list of methods and members available . Also please do look the coding standards that every one is following especially the Zend . 1 ) Creating a project # zf create project mysite *mysite is the name of the project 2 ) Creating a controller # zf create controller user * user is the controller . You can use the small letters itself . The command line will add UserController class . # zf create action login user * login is the action , user is the controller . So the code will produce loginAction method in the class UserController . 3 ) You can create a module for admin using # zf create module admin 4 ) Creating a controller for module # zf create controller add 1 admin 5 ) Creating an action for add controller in the admin module # zf create action blog add 1 admin You can see help also . Just type zf will show you the all available options .