Different Drupal Themes That I Love

First of all Happy Independence day . As India is celebrating its Independence I thought of writing a post about Drupal theme that I love . This is my personal opinion . So you can explore the drupal themes section for your selection . After learning more and more about drupal , I started updating this . So I may want to say these are not the 6 , but the different themes that I love . Recently I fall in love with fusion .  Genesis : The reason I love it are Flexible layout  : Every design is having a similar layout. I don’t think there is not much different layouts . The layout seems to be same . The things that changes are color, images and contents ( lol ). Genesis drupal theme You may never agree with me that this is a good design if and only if you know how to change the style of this theme , like adding some nice graphics etc . Zen : The next wonderful theme that I love is zen for as I described above . Zen drupal theme Acquia Marina : If you are looking the design with out much changes , then this theme Acquia Marina is the one I love . I have made some changes to make it work as a flexible one rather than sticking on to a particular width . I hope IE users also don’t have much problem as I am only using GNU/Linux. And I can gaurantee one thing that Mozilla users will not be having any issues . Acquia drupal theme Waffles : Another flexible theme by the same providers of Acquia Marina . Waffle drupal theme Black Mamba : Flexible 1, 2, 3 columns like the waffles . May be having some changes to color only . Black Mamba 960 Robots : From lullabot . Yes they have a video tutorial for building your own themes fr Drupal . They explains the developement of themes from scratch using this theme . The preview is available in youtube . I think buying one will not be a loss of money for any one who is new to Drupal . You can see the podcasts and blog and really will feel it. Nine sixty Robot drupal theme   Fusion from Top notch themes : Fusion Core Demo from Jeremy Caldwell on Vimeo. More over every themes are free in the website http://drupal.org/project/Themes . So feel free to explore and try it out .

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