Configuring BSNL ZTE EVDO in Opensolaris

I was trying to configure my BSNL ZTE EVDO device in Open-solaris . I configured the device too, but there is little trouble now too . Open-solaris is having a project Wireless Wide Area Network , which is run to configure the wireless networks in solaris . The link to it is . I configured the modem using it . You need to be root to do it too . Also some times when running a command you may not be able to read the complete contents , for it exceeds the limit . So after the command add greater than symbol followed by filename ( I hope you know these commands too ) . Eg : prtconf -v > t . You can use gedit or vim or any text editors of your choice . The documentation is so good that I don’t need to tell more . The below is the scripts you may need to run every time . pppd call evdo cp /etc/ppp/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf cp /etc/nsswitch.dns /etc/nsswitch.conf The problems I am facing still now are 1 ) Speed is slow compared with Ubuntu 2 ) I can search google , but we cannot proceed to a page shown in results . 3 ) You may need to restart each time when the net is stuck . ie no packets is coming to your n/w . I don’t get much time to look more in google for any helps .  What I think is crtscts needs some other option . I want to try it out and will let you guys know more about this . If anyone has already configured let me know about it . One more thing it doesn’t ask any passwords to connect . Its having only phone number . lol …. image

bsnl, evdo, opensolaris, zte