Never Compare Ruby on Rails With PHP

All may be hearing about the buzz word Ruby on Rails. So I thought to peep into What Ruby on Rails is . I thought of getting exited by Ruby on Rails , so watched the video . Yes I was really excited. But can we compare Ruby on Rails with PHP ? Never you should not compare Ruby on Rails with PHP. Then Why isnt ? Yes , PHP  and Ruby are two languages used for web-development . Rails is a MVC framework for the programming language Ruby . There are lots of frameworks for PHP like the zend framework from the supporters of PHP , yii , symfony , PHPCake , Code Ignitter and much more . You can see similar examples to get excited in PHP frameworks . So you can compare rubyonrails with zend-framework , code-ignitter , yii , symfony or any . PHP has a wide range of frameworks , does Ruby have something like this ? I don’t know . So sorry . I have read in a blog why Ruby on Rails went to some what popular . Its mainly because, at that time PHP was not purely object oriented. I don’t remember where I read about it . Anyway one was in . Manuel Lemo has made it some what clear about it . Recently I was arguing with one of my collegue that , PHP is secure, but you need to code it correctly . He told me that PHP lags security . Yes, it may lacks security when you code not propery . As the web now adays is dynamic and getting information from users, you should properly validate the inputs, else it may cause a serious damage to the site and server ( I agree , its not only the case of PHP , every web image ) . PHP now adays have good number of frameworks which will do almost all things to make secure . But its very sad that many of the PHP developers are still using without frameworks . Frameworks increases the productivity . No one knows the working of many sites, but many of the websites are insecure . The developers need to be careful and should know the attacks that will happen to a website when its live . But many people fails to do the necessary actions. Your design may look good , but it may lags security image . So try to move using some nice frameworks . So PHP  with some frameworks can be compared with rubyonrails .

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