DHTML Jquery Based Google Like Week Planner and Calendar

All of you may have heard about the google calendars . Its a free service by google. You just need a gmail id . But I was looking like a one that’s freely available. Now adays I got  a chance to work with the javascript frameworks like jquery and prototype. Working on it, I was impressed . Its really cool guys, if you know little javascript then , you can look into it . Yes once you used , you will never go without using one of it . :) . Yes talking about the week planner . I searched for a jquery based week planner. This is one I got and it looks cute and its having almost all functionalities . I have seen a DHTML calendar , but when resizing the events overlaps. But in this there is no such over laps occuring . There are lots of methods , you can see the demo and know how it works. If you are satisfied then go and look the documentation.  A screenshot is taken to show you how it looks . A google like week planner, developed in jquery The demo page is http://jquery-week-calendar.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/jquery.weekcalendar/full_demo/weekcalendar_full_demo.html You can visit the site http://www.redredred.com.au/projects/jquery-week-calendar/ , for more informations regarding it . If you guys have any other stuffs like the one , you can just leave a comment . Thanks

week planner