Learn From Your Failures

No one wins at the first time image . Everyone may have faced a failure . A failure is not the end , its just a begining to success . When I was returning from Trivandrum to Ernakulam by train , I met a mother and son. The guy was not feeling good. He was having some sort of stress , strain . Some how I understood he was a +2 student and was afraid of the results and he has lost his sleep and all. So I thought of writing a post about failures. I too have failed at many places . But I will not let the failure rules me . We should recogise the failure and should learn from it. So a similar failure will not rule you again . When I fails I will not get proper sleep for somedays. I will be thinking about it each day and finally I will get a solution. So guys lost is lost , learn from it , and never fall again into such a situation .