Welcome to the World of Hari K T, PHP Developer

Welcome my dear friend. I am glad to see you here . This is a place where I find my free time to spare. Used to write what I think , what I do etc. The topics I write is my opinion only. It may be good or bad . You are always welcome to post your comments . I will be Happy to hear too , will reply to you at the earliest . I used to write articles in ijust4u.blogspot.com at blogger, but now I owned one . You can read my posts from Blog. I am an open source lover , using Linux OS and Mozilla firefox with a screen resolution of 1280 X 800 . I don’t have any problems viewing the site . I hope many of the users are using a resolution of 1024 X 768 and hope they too don’t have any big deals . I don’t use IE , so not looking if there is any issues in design too . Please use Mozilla firefox for better viewing and browsing . You can always see me in-front of my lap or desktop . This is a place where I used to learn . My mother always blame me not talking with her at home . Its not because I don’t love her . Life is short , so we need to learn a lot with in the short time . I am sure , that she will not read anything from internet . So this will not be noticed. Laptop of Hari K T loaded with Ubuntu This is my lap DELL VOSTRO 1510 with 160 GB hard disk , 1 GB RAM , Core 2 Duo , DVD Writer , WIFI , Blue tooth , 8 in 1 media card reader . Operating System : Open Solaris and Ubuntu . I am an open-source lover , so have not installed Windows image . As every software developers , know how to create a loop holes , so what about Microsoft ? Do they know ? Yes , definitely so come join hands with *nix OS . An unlimited internet connection of BSNL . Thanks to BSNL for the wonderful package , though there is slight problems .

hari kt, php developer