Editing Flickr Photos Online With Picnik

Recently I have told you , when your disk space is less, you can host your pictures in flickr, picasa or at some other place. I used to upload pictures to picasa , but some times the pictures are not loaded . But flickr is a nice solution . Now you can edit the pictures uploaded to flickr using picnik tool. Flickr has partnered with picnik. So its easy to edit pictures after uploading to flickr . No need to edit from your system. Just upload it and edit online. It seems to be easy . Cool features available in picnik There are various effects in picnik . You can make a particular place in colored in the picture and the remaining as black and white with Focal B/W . Cool right ? But you need to pay some . These additional features are available only for those who upgrade it. Some of them are Neon , Snow effect, film grain , posterize etc. You can try it for free . Need to upgrade only if you love to save the picture . So why waiting go and try it man .

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