Track Every Coin to Save Your Budget, a Product From Ion Labs

I am a fan of Swaroop C H, after knowing him . He was in Yahoo, resigned his job and now working for ion labs . He is the author of the book , a byte of python which is released in pdf, online html and printed copy. The pdf and online mannual is free. Talking about ion labs, Swaroop C H , the dreamer , Vikram Chadaga and Varun Prabhakar are the brain behind ion labs have founded the new hardware and software to keep track of your money or we can say finance calculator from ion labs . Yes , the new product is launching on july 2009 . Lots of offers are there for those who books the product now. I would like to promote it , so thought of writing this article. I don’t have enough money for now to help him . But if this article can help him in anyway I am greatful . Visit Track a coin for more details. The previous product was the ion usb charger . After the success of it , they have really thought of running a startup firm and is now with the new product . If you have not heard about ion before , its the smallest usb charger which can be used to charge your ipod or any usb storage devices. Its pretty small in size . ion usb charger Here comes the picture of the charger taken from the ions site . The cost of it is just 599/– INR and is available free of shipping . I hope its an affordable cost . It satisfies many standards . The iON works anywhere in the world – no more voltage conversions. Its an all in one charger . Now you don’t want to carry your mobile charger , ipod charger and all. Just ion charger will do the job . Easy to carry and makes your life easy . If you are interested do get one from the site using direct payment , check or DD . Visit ion for more details .  

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