2009 Election Results of Kerala and India

Let me tell you first of all , this is just what I think, so forgive me if you don’t like. As all of you know it was a long wait for the one month long election process. My constitution was Calicut / Kozhikode . I have casted my vote on 16th of April . The main candidates were Muhammed Riyas and M K Ragavan of Congress. M K Ragavan has won the game with a lead of 838 votes. Let me congragulate him at this moment. Some of the reasons that Muhammed Riyas may have failed to win in the elections may be 1 ) Support for PDP 2 ) In the center Congress or BJP will only come . So why we need to give vote for LDF ? ( To support Congress ?) . We may get some good Ministers if we have good number of candidates. 3 ) CPIM has changed a lot from its previous stand . 4 ) I am not a person who is interested in religion / caste . I am a person who stands to support the poor and not on the basis of caste or religion . But the stand of the LDF have changed . You can see the candidates , which may be a game I think . 5 ) Not supporting Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. This is a site each and every Indian must see and get inspiration http://www.abdulkalam.com/. Somnath Chatterjee was a great person . CPI(M) expelled him. 6 ) Not making the right decision to change a leader if he is blamed as corrupted . Let the others come forward and if the corruption case is over it can be handed over . Why you need to be so much tensed ? 7 ) Failure of the LDF goverment in Kerala, in the educational sector like Professional Education . Even though they blame the court I don’t think its the court that plays the game . Failure to make it clear infront of court is the failure of the goverment . What was the case when the congress was ruling here . I still remember the talks of K K Rakesh who has failed at Kannur . Failure to support the goverment employees who has fought against corruption like Suresh Kumar . Supporting ADB for which the LDF has made a lot of remarks . Anyway the congress will come in the center . According to the latest news of malayalamanorma the UPA : 258 NDA : 162 Third Front : 066 Others : 057 . The third front is just a dream for now . The CPI( M ) has losts their seats in West Bengal and Kerala . This may be the right time to recognize the people , and what they think for the PB. The LDF only manages to get 4 seats and lost 16 . Lost their sitting seats too . The things I have pointed may not be the reasons , but some of you may agree . In my locality its the worst road I have ever seen. The sitting MLA U C Raman has given 50 Lakhs for the betterment . The panchayath is being ruled by LDF . Failure to repare the roads may also have added support to congress there I think . Like the same in every constituency each and every problems may have made this election a wonderful one. Let’s see the next 5 years of the congress lead government . Have a great day guys .

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