Working With Joomla and Drupal

Yes, this may be a controversial post. As I told you before , I was interested in Joomla. But its some what hard to learn , configure some of the plugins, and its not an easy task to find a good plugin. I was trying to learn Drupal , after I came to read and discuss with some of the guys who uses Drupal. Yes, I am switching my site to Drupal . So in a few days you may see a new face for this site. I am trying to configure it in my local system first, so I can learn . After that I will switch this to Drupal. The reasons behind the switching are its easy to make a blog and add comments feature in drupal . In Joomla its tough , you may need to add additional plugins or extensions . Recently saw a post about news paper site , which makes me interested to look how to make in Joomla, but was very tough. I googled a lot to get a right solution how it works and all . I was reading a lot of blog posts about the news paper site and finally thought to switch to drupal image . Also have seen creating multiple sites with Drupal is easy than that of Joomla. Configuring a module and all in Joomla is tough . Once you have started working with Joomla you will recognise , what I am telling. May be I don’t have learned every corners. Some of the reasons I thought of working on local are 1 ) My pages are indexed in google , so don’t want to make a problem . 2 ) I am getting good amount of visitors now adays . 3 ) I will learn drupal from my local :–) . Why I need to do in the server itslef ? This may be a good decesion I think .

drupal, joomla