Is GPL Misused ?

I was looking the Joomla extensions , just for fun . I prefer the GPL version to use. If the licence is only GPL I will look into it. Else even its popular one , I just skip those. Now a days I have been seeing a lots of extensions and some in the terms of GPL. When we try to download it , to know how it works , it goes to the owners site and it will be asking for a payment. Yes, I agree we can pay and get GPL versioned softwares. But what about the period ? I wondered , I can’t use it on any other server . It fucks man . Really its fucking to see it. This is what GPL is telling I don’t know whether they are wrong or I am wrong. I think if there is the four freedoms in GPL then they may be miss using the GPL term. I would like to point this to tell the person who manages the Joomla extensions.He can change the things. I hope so . As I told you , I mailed to open source matters. Got reply from Elin Waring, President , Open Source Matters. For the first post he thought I was telling not to sell the product when in GPL . But I know the GPL , its not about money the freedom is telling . Its for the source code . It supports the main 4 freedoms. ie where GPL stands. So I replied to him giving the link to the plans. Yes he too was confused with it. Anyway he replies me . Thanks Elin Waring, I am glad to see your reply . And I am posting it here. They are confusing about this, but the domain licenses are actually just for support. Nothing stops you from installing on as many sites as you want. Elin Waring President Open Source Matters Part of the Joomla! Project Providing a flexible platform for digital publishing and collaboration – Hide quoted text – On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 11:39 AM, Hari KT wrote: Yes, I know we can sell ………. I don’t know whether you have looked the link Its telling Single ,6 Site Subscription etc . Does it satisfy GPL now ? I don’t think so. What ever the version of GPL … I think it fails to satisfy GPL , freedoms . Its not only the case of this plugin . There are lots , ie why I have this doubt . Thanks for reply too …… On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 3:06 PM, Elin Waring wrote: Hi, As long as the subscription plans allow the four freedoms of the GPL they are fine. The GPL allows you to sell software as well as other services around the software. Please note that Joomla is GPLv@ or later, not GPLv3. Elin Waring President Open Source Matters Part of the Joomla! Project Providing a flexible platform for digital publishing and collaboration On Thu, May 7, 2009 at 1:20 AM, Hari K T wrote: > This is an enquiry e-mail via > > from: > Hari K T > > Hello Joomla makers, > You have done a wonderful CMS. I have a doubt and I would like to > clear my doubt. There are lots of extensions in the extensions > directory. Many are using GPL licence. But I am little confused > with some of their licence. The GPL licence gives you four freedoms > mainly > ( > For eg the component : > > Is in GPL. But I don’t understand about subscription plans they are > telling. Am I wrong or the licence is misused ? > I would love to hear a reply . > Thanks once again guys . > > Hari K T >

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