Enjoyed Barcamp 5 From Park Center, Technopark

Yes, I was little late to write my post about the beautiful event held at Technopark on May 3rd. I reached Trivandrum around 5:30 in the morning after attending the reunion ( Chinmaya vidyalaya 2000-01 Batch of 10th std ) , I was not able to stay some more time with my old friends image . Around 7:30 AM , I slowly bored a bus to technopark , reached there around 9:00 AM. I was enjoying the beauty of technopark . It was an awesome place. Once you enter there , you may never love to leave. It was not only my opinion , but also some of the guys who were at Infopark too image ( NITIN KOSHY MAM.) . The event was at Park center. I met some of the guys like kenny , Anand and all walking towards the park center. We introduced ourself, entered the hall. Yes Binny has reached early , than us. We shared some of the thoughts . It was my pleasure to meet such wonderful guys from Technopark . There were more than 200 attendees registered and 19 sessions. But some of them failed to come and sessions shortens to 13 ( Its tough to complete 13 sessions in a day ). The event started with an introduction about the TBI, by Kenny. Some of them shared their doubts about TBI. Some of the nice speeches I enjoyed was Young Kerala by Rajesh Venugopal : He was trying to encwourage the young minds of kerala, and was trying to motivate each and every young persons. You can see the his blog http://youngkerala.org/ for more details. Quick and Dirty .NET compiler by Praseed Pai: Yes, he is a wonderful guy , strong in compillers. Compiller Design was an elective for 6th semester. I have taken Distributed Systems. So some of the things he introduced was really new to me. He refeshed the Systems Programming which I have learned in the fourth semester. It was also a wonderful one. What they don’t teach you in college by Binny VA : The next talk was by Binny V A , the PHP freelancer from Cochin. It was a real fact , what Binny introduced. When I was learning my Engineering , I was not much aware of the sub-versions. I don’t know how many of the Engineering graduates , who are in the field of computer’s know about subversions. He gave a brief introduction . I think its time to introduce some real stuffs like this , to the Engineering degree . Peep Into PI by Vishu Gopal: This was another wonderful session by Vishnu, who was working for Mob ME .You can see the stuff http://www.peepapp.com/ He demonstrated the app. How to Build a Popular Website in 6 Months:It was Mani Karthik , an SEO , introduced the developing a site from scratch and some of the SEO tips . I hope it may have helped guys who don’t have a blog till then a lot. What’s new in HTML5 By Shwetank Dixit : Yes, this was one of the most interesting one , that I have enjoyed . He was very cool talking about HTML5. Shwetank Dixit was an evangalist for Opera. He was wearing a T-Shirt “War of Browsers”. He was also having some nice T-Shirt for the reply to his questions. Some of them got . I hope every one have enjoyed that a lot. The picture of him is posted below. Photo credits to Barcamp blog . Don’t know who have taken this picture. Shwetank Dixit Evangelist of Opera, the real person who rocks Adobe Flash By Juwal Bose : Though he was not an evangelist nor working at Adobe , he was using Flash to develop games, so introduced some of them to us. iframe Issue introduced by Kerala farmer : Most popularly know as Kerala farmer , who introuced a problem with his blog. He was having a doubt regarding the iframe , and whether any one can make datas available from other site. His question made me think a lot. It was some thing that no one was able to answer . He was adviced to get some help from Lawayers. Anyway he made me think about the legal issues. Though we all are software engineers and may know about or may have heard about the digital rights . I have not read it , once . So I was really thinking about the matter . I am having a suggestion to introduce atleat some of the laws to the Software Engineers in BTech syllabus. Else it , may make a serious problem in the coming years. It’s damn sure. So the governement should make some changes to make sure, every one goes in the right path and is aware about the IT acts. It was late for me to leave to Ernakulam , as I am having office on Monday , I left Park Center. At present I don’t have its pics with me. I have asked Anand to share some. I hope will get it soon .   Seriously hearing and working   Enjoying Barcamp   T-BIC   Thanks guys , if you are interested after reading this , we can see next time . The sixth 1 . Bye . There are a lot more pics uploaded at Barcamp Kerala blog. You can see from there .

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