Booting Gnewsense Gnu/linux From USB Flash Drive

There are various distribution of GNU/Linux available now. I think every disto have a Live CD . So people can try it out and if they love it , can install it . So what I am talking is, it may not be possible to create a Live CD to try each and every distro and their newer versions . If you are a person like me , then you may love to use an alternative to boot from CD, something like a USB flash drive ( popularly called pen drive , thumb )  for its reusable . Some days before I found the new GNU/ Linux which is entirely free removing all the restricted packages which is supported by the FSF ( Free software foundation) . Gnewsense is an Ubuntu based free software distribution without non-free binary blobs in the kernel. You may think whether Ubuntu is a free one , then why gnewsense . If you have any such doubts you can have a look in the FAQ of the gnewsense . gnewsense desktop   gnewsense desktop with applications     Though I uses Ubuntu , I want to try it out, so thought of downloading the iso and use from USB pen drive . There was a documentation in the gnewsense about booting gnewsense gnu/linux from usb . I worked as they have written . Though I am not powerful in those commands I thought of learning the new commands . Fallen to trouble partitioning USB and all . And finally recovered every thing and restarted after finishing all the steps. When it started I changed to boot from USB flash drive . But got a black screen with just a message error . What to do now . Changed to other usb ports , the same ( error booting gnewsense ) . hm…….. Anyway I want to try it, booted to Ubuntu connected net and searched , I don’t find an answer for it . Anyway got another software Free USB installer ( Either youu can try or usb-creator . usb-creator is a good choice for the aligunduz . Download the usb-creator using synaptic and issue the command usb-creator in terminal . A graphical view will appear . Read more from ubuntu help ) from iso package. Free USB installer can install iso image to usb flash drive . Yes downloaded it, and tried it. Restarted again , now it works . Now its pretty simple booting gnu/linux from usb flash drive . Yes , I would like to express my Thanks to Mr Ali for his wonderful work . Yes it may have saved many people. I guess if users are not powerful in command line too or don’t know the basics or some times to people who may have failed like me image . Anyway failure is not the end, its the begining image . gnewsense iso to usb with fusb installer I have taken a screen shot of the gnewsense and also the free usb installer. You can see how it looks . What I feel after working with it is, there is not much difference in menu and all, but a good color for the selection . Improved graphics . You too can try it from usb . Cheers guys , Have a great day .

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