Firebug a Handy Tool for Web Developers

I still remember my old pages, got html templates for free . Downloaded and added the contents and the design was broken usually. I was not much aware of why the design breaks . My experiences teaches me a lot why its happening. I have only 1 year 5 months experience, but I when looking back I may be having more than that because of my self learning Laughing . I think in one of my post I have expressed my Thanks to Dileep often called Dilpu , a student from NIT . He is one of the person, who makes me think and learn HTML . I used my class hours at Library to learn HTML . I was not aware of HTML , CSS or W3C or any standards of Web . So when adding contents to pages , I often fails at those times . It was just static pages . But later I learned why its happening , what W3C is what XHTML and all. Firebug mozilla firefox addon in action These were only to static HTML. When I started my profession I was eager to learn more and found Firebug a mozilla firefox add-on once . Installed it just to try , as its all free and open source projects . Firebug may be one of the easy tool that can be used to fix the design issues. When the designers convert to XHTML , some of them uses fixed width . But in dynamic pages , the height often changes and it may be a mess to fid out whats the problem .So here comes the role of firebug . You can view the properties for each of the tag . So you can recognise which all are inherited and all . So its easy to fix issues arising to font’s and all . I think Firebug was introduced when I was looking the carrers in Mozilla Cool . They are looking people who are familiar in firebug, that forced me to install firebug . Now I know why they are looking for people who uses firebug . Great guys .

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