Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and Open Street Maps

Every one may have heard about the Google maps , Yahoo maps and have used atleast once or may have seen once . Now a days every web page too is using the maps to show their location and all . You will be getting a google maps api key in-order to show in your web page. I have used to show the IP location of the user’s in my previous site . Found another open source maps called the open street maps promoted by the GNU .   Screen shot of open street map   The places are not marked completely , but in the future , it defnitely will be one of the best maps as its open source . You can have a look into the site and also you can edit the places , which you are familiar, so it will help others . I don’t know from which server it’s getting the data’s. But the Yahoo logo seems to be on the right side when editing . I want to investigate into the matter , and will add more details . Thanks for reading .

google maps, open street maps, yahoo maps