Concern Over Open Source Softwares and Big Giants Over MySQL

I don’t know how many of you have heard about the news that the Sun Microsystem has been aquired by Oracle . Oracle is one of the worlds largest software company especially in the data base. Every open source lovers eye will be looking forward to see what will happen to MySQL which was part of Sun Microsystems now . The blog of the Michael Widenius Monty , the creator of MySQL has quit the Sun Microsystem . He is hiring some of the MySQL developers who have supported him . He will continue to work for the open source database storage engine , the name is Maria . The web page of the new one is . As every one thinks I don’t know what will be the future of MySQL. Sometimes the big giant Oracle may not support MySQL . IBM was interested in MySQL. Some times Oracle may sell MySQL to IBM, or may kill MySQL slowly . We the PHP Developers were interested to work on LAMP , the Linux, Apache , MySQL and PHP . But now I think the MySQL may sometimes will be dropped and will be changing shortly to Maria , so the new LAMP consists of Linux, Apache , Maria the new database and PHP . Anyway lets wait and see , what will happen to MySQL .