Celebrating My 24 Th B'day With Ubuntu 9.04, Colleagues at ISPG, Friends and Dear Ones

Yes, today I am celebrating my 24th Birthday. I am very Happy especially this year for I am celebrating with the new release of Ubuntu version 9.04 named Jaunty.These are the images from new version of Ubuntu ( After some research in the tinymce to make this pictures available in my site ) . Have a look and if you loved it, go and get it my dear friend. Its all about free and open . http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/904features/   Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop Edition screenshots   When I was a kid , I have not got an opportunity to give sweets to my classmates as its in the month of April. Its really sad especially when you are kids, not to wear a coloured dress to school. I think some of them have faced the same problem . But now its not a big deal as years passes. Its really late( 04:19:16 AM ) , but thought of writing a single line on this great day. Reached office around 6 PM . Jeena our HR wished me . I was really shocked how she knows about it, for she was new , and I thanked her . Left the room, some of them have a smiling faces, some where serious in their work. As if there has happened nothing just went near my seat. Bindu was Smile , I know she knows about it , so just said silence to her. Prasanth sir came near me wished me. I thanked him too. Martin in a loud noice asked me , “Hari is it your Birthday”. He breaked my silence . After that Jinu sir, Ansar sir , Aneesh sir , Ajesh , Vijeesh and all came . Around 9:00 PM I got a card from Jinu sir, representing ISPG . This was my 2nd B’day at ISPG. I cut the cake and Ratheesh sir our great designer ( Polpularly known as Cake cutter of Panampally Nagar ) gave me the piece. It was really smelling some foul play . Yes the cream was on my face . Hm anyway I got an opporchunity too to give it to him . But failed to make a nice cream on his face Tongue out . I got a lot of scraps from orkut and messages to my mobile . Some even called me and greeted. As I have changed my number some called my father and greeted him Smile . My client too wishes me. It was a great day .

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