Search Yahoo , Google , Youtube , Flicker , Facebook and More From Kosmix

Don’t know whether all have heard about the site kosmix . Anyway let me tell what are the things that attracted to me . You can search for a particular keyword , kosmix will search in google , yahoo, flicker , facebook , youtube , twitter and many more . The result is very much useful . I am keeping a screen shot for the search hello world . search for hello world in kosmix   The people behind Kosmix are Venky Harinarayan and his business partner Anand Rajaraman founded in 2005. They are the people who have developed the ecommerce search engine and later sold to amazon for $250 millionin 1998 . The investors of kosmix are former CEO of Motorolla , CEO of Amazon . Have a look below . * Lightspeed Ventures Partners * Accel Partners * Dag Ventures * Jeffrey P. Bezos, Bezos Expeditions Bezos Expeditions is Jeff Bezos’ personal investment company. Mr. Bezos is founder and CEO of * Bill Miller, Legg Mason Chairman and Chief Investment Officer * Ed Zander Former CEO of Motorola You can visit the site and know more detailed . Found a good tool , so want to make people aware about this , and spread the world . Got information from the site itself.

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