Low Disk Space , Store Images and Files in Database Or

Every one may have fallen in this trouble , when your disk space exceeds . Yes , I was trying to create a folder and upload some images . I noticed a fact , there is no space remaining to upload one . Yes , every one , who have a web hosting space may have thought an alternative way to store images and files . Yes, don’t worry I just uploaded to my picasa web albums Smile . But there is also another alternative if you have a database . Yes , you can store images and files in MySQL . To store images and files use the BLOB format . It can store binary data . What you need to do is Create a table Image , with pkid of type int(10) as unique id , data of type BLOB , format ( jpeg , png … ) and description. Read the binary contents from the image . using file_get_contents() or fread() functions of php . Insert to database . Now you can retrieve the image using the id . Pass the id to a page which outputs the header of image . Yes, its pretty simple to do this . The below code is a sample . You can try it out . I have not tested , just made for the post now . <?php /* Create a table something like this CREATE TABLE `Labs`.`Images` ( `pkid` INT( 10 ) NOT NULL , `Content` BLOB NOT NULL , `Description` VARCHAR( 300 ) NOT NULL , `Type` VARCHAR( 5 ) NOT NULL , PRIMARY KEY ( `pkid` ) ) ENGINE = MYISAM */ //insertImage.php $mysqli = new mysqli(“localhost”, “my_user”, “my_password”, “database”); /* check connection */ if (mysqli_connect_errno()) { printf(“Connect failed: %s\n”, mysqli_connect_error()); exit(); } //Read file contents $fp = fopen(“image.jpg”,“rb”); $contents = fread( $fp , filesize(“image.jpg”) ); fclose( $fp ); if ($result = $mysqli->query(“INSERT INTO Images(‘pkid’,‘Content’,‘Description’) VALUES(‘NULL’,‘”.$contents.“’,‘test me’)”)) { echo “Successful insert”; } $mysqli->close(); ?> <?php //getImage.php $mysqli = new mysqli(“localhost”, “my_user”, “my_password”, “database”); /* check connection */ if (mysqli_connect_errno()) { printf(“Connect failed: %s\n”, mysqli_connect_error()); exit(); } //Read image contents if ($result = $mysqli->query(“SELECT Content FROM Images WHERE pkid = ‘”.$_GET[‘pkid’].“‘”)) { $row = $result->fetch_assoc(); } header(‘Content-Type: image/jpeg’); echo $row[‘Content’]; ?> Tongue out . You can encrypt the values that are passed for additional security measures . Have not tested this , just made this in a hurry . So may contains errors. Please do report if you find some . I will be happy to hear it from you . You can use the sameway to store the word , pdf etc in the MySQL . Its simple to make it work . You can change the content type of header , so as to make it dynamic .

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