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Every one uses internet in their day today life , like a cup of tea . Yes , the world wide web has gain great popularity . I don’t know , whether the common man have ever thought how the world wide web works ? Individuals or organizations , publish the details to the public with the help of hosting server . A server is a powerful system , which will be always on , having a dedicated IP address to recognize it in the WWW . There are many types of hosting services . Some are 1 ) Dedicated Hosting 2 ) Virtual Private Server or VPS 3 ) Content Delivery Network or CDN 4 ) Shared Hosting etc. I am new to the world of hosting. I don’t run a hosting business too . But , every one will learn when you enter into the web hosting . Yes , I got some space to host my site. There are many free hosting services. The problem’s with free hosting servies are 1 ) Some provides ad’s of their own . 2 ) We don’t know when will they block our site ( as its free it can be removed at any time ) So I thought of getting some space . Now a days I used to read many blogs and sites . From there I was hearing about the terms VPS , Dedicated server , CDN etc . Dedicated Server :In dedicated server, the company has great freedom , for the choice of the operating system , and other software that needs to be installed. The server is dedicated entirely to you and is not shared with any others . For a dedicated hosting the cost is high than that of the VPS .The dedicated servers will be always hosted in some other locations called data centers. VPS ( Virtual Private Server ): A virtual private server means , there will be only one server hardware . Many different operating systems will be installed on it . For eg : After installing a sun solaris os , we may install another operating system ubuntu or some other with the help of virtuaisation softwares like the vmware or virtual box or any other. Each operating systems can be booted with out restarting the server . The hardware will be shared by this virtualisation system . So we may feel , the server is working entirely for us, though its not the case. When some other VPS is over loaded , the other VPS will also have trouble to load their sites. Mainly the VPS is made for small business . But now a days cheap hosting is possible with this VPS . The hosting companies , use a VPS for a small cost . They sell the space for each users , for less amount , but the problem is with the speed and uptime. The server may fail at any moment.You may need to call each time . So going for cheap hosting is not a good solution . CDN (Content Delivery Network) : Content Delivery network is a great solution for those whose web pages have a great traffic. Its huge in cost . I was only aware about the CDN now a days . Though we may be familiar about the term cluster computing we may have not looked seriously. A CDN is nothing but dedicated servers at different locations . Think you have a server at US , India , Europe and some other locations . When a request for a page is from India , you can transfer to the Indian server , when its from America , then to American server. The benefict is greater speed , network traffic will be reduced. A CDN is always a great choice . The ZEND is using the CDN technology to transfer the files. We can recognize how fast it works . But when considering the cost , its some what huge . Its really very interesting to learn how the server works.Really interested to learn about these technologies ……..

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