Kompozer a Wonderful Dreamweaver Like WYSIWYG Editor for GNU/Linux , Windows, Mac

Many of the web developers used to work on windows . The reasons they are used to work are 1 ) Cross browser compatibility : The world wide web is used by different people around the world. You may be an GNU/Linux fan , but people who browse your web pages may be using Internet Explorer. Mozilla firefox is the wondeful browser , that every developer may have seen. It can recognize the css and do the correct things . Safari also recognise to some extent . But what about IE ? hm its a tedious job for the designers and web developers . Some of the css will not be accepted by IE. So when developing a web site we may need to look in different web browsers and test whether it looks the same in all . 2 ) Dreamweaver : Many web developers may be using dream weaver for developing their sites. Dream weaver ofcourse is a wonderful tool . But is a properitery one :–( . 3 ) Photoshop : Many designers may be familiar with photoshop , and have not tried GIMP of the GNU / Linux. I would like to introduce you the wonderful tool GIMP to the web designers. I don’t know whether you lacks any features. But be proud of using GPL or Open source softwares.   Kompozer a wysiwyg editor If you using GNU/Linux you may be looking for a dreamweaver like editor . Yes there are a lots of editors in GNU/Linux. Some are vim , emacs, gedit etc. But what about a Graphical User Interface one ? Yes, there a plenty too like the Quanta plus , Blue Fish , Netbeans etc. But misses some in each and every one . Recently I found a wonderful WYSIWYG editor . Some of the features are   KompoZer is a stand-alone tool; hence its small size and fast speed Those who are familiar with the DreamWeaver interface will feel right at home with KompoZer: – WYSIWYG editing of pages, making web creation as easy as typing a letter with your word processor. – Integrated file management via FTP. Simply login to your web site and navigate through your files, editing web pages on the fly, directly from your site. – Reliable HTML code creation that will work with all of today’s most popular browsers. – Jump between WYSIWYG Editing Mode and HTML using tabs. – Tabbed editing to make working on multiple pages a snap. – Powerful support for forms, tables, and templates. – The easiest-to-use, most powerful Web Authoring System available for Desktop Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh users. I found this tool as a wonderful one . So like you to help you , if you are looking for one like this . If you have any other good editors which you know for the GNU/Linux then let me know . You can upload files from here itself , like the one in dreamweaver . Interested ? Then try it man , why waiting over all its free . Lets try to change the world . LIVE AND LET LIVE. * The above content is copied from http://www.kompozer.net/features.php . You can read more from there.  

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