GNU / GPL Licenced E-commerce Systems

Many of us uses E-commerce sites for online shopping . I don’t whether they know how these systems work . If you are a web developer or interested to know how this systems work, you can install and try . Some of the most popular E-commerce softwares are the Oscommerce under the licence of GNU / GPL , Zencart and Magnento . If you are a web developer especially a PHP programmer , you may have heard of these systems. I have tried these three in my local system . Installing these softwares are simple for any one. The requirements for installing the system may vary . But the main requirements are \1) Apache ( Used mainly in Linux ) 2 ) PHP installed 3 ) MySQL database. If you have PHP version > 5 it will be good, to install all the three . You can see the basic requirements from the sites , , . Its very easy to learn oscommerce v 2.2 . The main thing I have noticed in oscommerce is it uses the normal coding, not any frame works like zend , symfony, code ignitor or any . I don’t know whether its my mistake that it uses any ( Version 2.2 ). The new version 3 for oscommerce is available. But its still in the alpha release . Its using frameworks , jquery , template structure , multiple product images, JSON etc . For more informations you can see in this link,132 . Zen-cart is another powerful e-commerce system which works mostly like oscommerce itslef. The main advantage of zencart is, developers don’t need to bother about the design much. They can change any code at any time. The change in codes will not effect the design, and any change to design will not effect in its code. The zen-cart has lots of features in the admin side. I have installed both zen-cart and oscommerce. One thing I have noticed in common is the zen-cart and the oscommerce having the same sample datas. I don’t know how it came so . I think zen-cart is a modified version of os-commerce. Anyway I don’t get time to explore it. The admin portion of zen-cart has options to show the left nav , right nav , hide these nav when required etc. Since zen-cart uses template engine customizing zen-cart will be much more easy. All you need to understand the structure, how smarty works etc. Customizing os-commerce needs to edit each and every page. Its some what a tedious one thanzen-cart. This is what I feel, and its all upto you to decide the e-commerce system which you needs. Coming to Magento , the newly born award winning e-commerce system from the source-forge in 2008 , uses good features of the todays PHP , javascript and all. But needs a good server to run this. Else to load a page may take a long time. It has great features, like managing multiple stores. I don’t know its architecture . Not able to look deeply . Anyway onething I am sure its uses some frame work. Magento is a wonderful ecommerce system , that every one will love on the installation itself. But its some what hard to recognise the codes. It has a lots of features. Some of the great features I liked which is missing in oscommerce , zencart is manage multiple stores . May be due to this reason many website owners like this. You can see a list of features of magento here . The demo for each systems are there . So if you like to see the demos of oscommerce systems . You can go and try it, before installing the system in your server . http://demo**.**oscommerce**.com/ http://demo****zencart** There may be more e-commerce systems , so if you need more you can explore sourceforge or is also a good site to see the demo and list of opensource and GNU / GPL softwares.

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