Yahoo Like Folder in Gmail

It may be with the introduction of Gmail many email providers makes their service free of cost , and increasing their space and features. I was having Yahoo and Gmail accounts. It was easy for me to manage emails by using filters in Yahoo. I looked for something similar in gmail. Yes, this post is for those who don’t know how to move the mails to a particular folder , with out keeping it in inbox. What you want to do is goto Settings tab , from top right of gmail page . Then create some labels, from the label tab . For eg : if you have subscribed for Joomla news letter , then name it as Joomla , so you can recognise quickly . Now your labels are ready . Want to create filters to move your mails directly to those labels . The labels can act something similar as folders. Now select the Filters tab and Create a new filter . You can also edit your existing filters . When you click on the Create filter , it ask you for the From , To , subject , Has the words, Doesn’t have . If you want an exact one, then it will be better to look the mail , for which you need to create the folder. Click show details and get the details. You can see the details there. The from address is the person who sends you the mail , the To address is the person who have mailed through some group if so , else your address or list of other peoples to whom the user sends . If you need selected terms included in that . Add to Has the words , to remove certain words , add it to doesn’t have . Next screen will show Skip the Inbox (Archive it) Mark as read Star it Apply the label: Forward it to: Delete it Never send it to Spam Tick the ones you need. skip the inbox will skip to the particular label. Now when you receive a mail from Joomla news group, then the mail will be moved to Joomla labeled one. Yes , this is pretty simple. You now can have the folders as like Yahoo .

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