Select Box Poking Out Through Menu in IE 6

Internet Explorer is always a pain for developers and web designers. Many of the functions are not recognised by IE . Some people who loves the buggy browser still uses it . There are lots of features and security available in Mozilla. Don’t know why some people still stick onto it . Aaah its upto them . I was looking for a solution for the IE6 bug . The bug was the select box is pocking through the javascript menu . All the other elements excpet the select box will come on the top :( . I want to make it clear. Spend a lot of time to get a solution for it. Finally I was successful . This was the solution Need to load the menu above an iframe .Referring the site w3schools I got some helps too . We need to make the z-index of menu 1 more than that of iframe. That is when z-index of iframeis 1, z-index of menu should be 2 or more. The default z-index will be 0 . z-index -1 has lower priority . The z-index property will be availale only when position:absolute is defined for it. When position:absolute is used , there will be some design issues arrising and you need to over come these .