Piwik and Google Webanalytics

If you own a website , you may be interested to know more about your visitors , how they are interacting and all isnt ? When I started my site I was eager to know about it , and I found google analytics as a wonderful one. Yes , they will track all the details of the visitors. Their browser , operating system , location and much more ……… Now you dont want to write code for it . Cool . The webanalytics is a good feature that I have seen for the website owners. You need only a gmail account and a you will receive a piece of code when adding your site. Add this code to the end of tag of your html. Yes , then you dont want to worry aboutany ….. But some days before I found another Opensource webanalytics , the piwik. I lost my previous post , which contains the old name . But if I get it I will publish. Let me say whats new in Piwik   When you are just interested to know the visitors overview without much efforts like installing piwik in your server I recommend you to go for Google Webanalytics. If you are a webdeveloper or interested to know how its working or would like to show your visitors your online website traffic , then piwik is for you .   Piwik and Google analytics do the same things . But the code of piwik is opensource and you will be having all datas on your server itself. You can add as many users and all . The piwik is a wonderful tool for webhosters . Yes , it can make a good job for them . If you are interested to know more about piwik http://piwik.org/ visit the site and learn more .  

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