Downloading Youtube Videos to Your System

If you are using a limited band width Internet then you may have thought of downloading the youtube videos to your system . Else this is not a big deal . I have searched a lot how to download youtube videos in a single click. Some doesn’t works at all. But after a lots of search and all , one of my friend , Krissy of the phpdirector development team helped me to host one for you . Yes, its totally free , in just simple clicks you can download youtube videos . Before that I was using the one addon with the mozilla . But adding more addons some times makes bug to the browser itself. So its not a good one I think . Its my opinion only. You can do what ever you wish . Some of the reasons that I want to download it is for 1 ) Have a limited band width internet connection 2 ) Can watch the video even there is no internet 3 ) When the speed of internet is slow , you dont want to bother at all . It has 3 different formats . 1 ) FLV 2 ) MP4 3 ) 3GP If you are downloading it for mobile use 3GP . If you need a video with high quality go for mp4 . Here is the link to download the videos.

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