Comments in Joomla

I want to make my Joomla site work similar to a blog. Though my mind doesn’t allow me to delete my blog in blogger , I thought of moving completely. I will not be deleting my blog , but will not ( Changed my mind still publishing in ) be publishing any more posts in blogger. I dont see a built in function for comments in Joomla. Comments help you recognise more about your posts and what others think . So installed comments feature. I will be posting more topics in this site only , for I need to learn Joomla ( Dropped my plan, moved to DrupalĀ image ) . Yes if you want to learn something you need to try it out. So comments is a must . I need to spent some time to configure the comments feature. Some times I have even thought of moving to Drupal , for it has some good features like that . image . But I want to learn how to configure comments feature in Joomla , so I will never quit . Yes success comes to my path . Now the comments feature is here . All can post your comments , need an account here or an open ID . The one I have installed extension for comments is mod_comment , yvcomment plugin and yvcomment module The documentation is available at . Its GNU/GPL . Have fun if you too need it .

joomla, yvcomments