Captcha Image for Joomla

Installed the captcha image validation for Joomla. Earlier I have not installed it. But some spam messages forced me to configure the captcha image developed by the site.It has a wonderful wiki . Though it has one , I have to search google for some help image . These were the problems 1 ) config file not writeable May be I am not much familiar to Joomla forced me to search for it , as I dont find a file named config. I was aware that for some file the write permission is not there. There was a trick , but it will cause security issues that I was afriad to do so ( chmod image ). Later I found the file the exact path is administrator/components/com_securityimages/config.securityimages.php . Change the mod to 777 for a while and after saving modify to 644 . Never give 777 as others can read , write and execute it. So do remember to change . 2 ) The next problem comes after it SecurityImages patches for Joomla! are not active, is it your choice? Did you forget to deploy the patches? if no go to control panel and set “use securityImages = true” I was wondering where to go as I dont see any in the control panel. It was none other than going to Global Configuration , the server tab and Use SecurityImages against spammers to Yes . If you dont see it, then you may have not patched it. You need to upload the 14 files to the server . If done you can see the captcha in action.

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