Change Is the Law of Life

Change is the law of life. When I see the quote from orkut , I have not thought much. But later I felt its something which is correct . When you do the same thing for a long time , then you feel bored. Even though you may have loved to do it. Once I got a post by mail written by Swaroop C H , the dreamer . Yes he is a great man , I admire him . He was at Yahoo for 1 year and resigned his job, started his firm. He has written a wonderful book in Python . Its free to download the book python . So you can explore it. Its really a simple book for non programmers. Yes what I was pointing was , he has written “Programming is fun, but when it comes to work its not so fun”( Something like this . Don’t remember completely ) . You can just make a google search for Swaroop CH or here is the link When you are not recognised then you will terribly bored and your temper grows . I am sure, if you have gone through these, you will recognise it.

swaroop ch