Convert Static Html to a Dynamic One With PHP

Here I hope you know some basic knowledge of HTML , PHP . Though if you dont know PHP its not a big deal .If you are using Linux install the php , apache files from apt-get or using synaptic package manager . If you are using Windows download the WAMP or XAMPP You can refer from for the functions that I have used here . Smile I have downloaded this template from free css templates . You can download this template from . Lets start . Hope you know your document root . For Windows users it may be c:\wamp\www if its wamp . For linux users it will be /var/www/ and it depends upon the settings of php.ini file . So look for it for more deatils . Create a folder include . This folder is used to store all the informations of the common files. Header and Footer of a page will be common . The sidebar also will be common . So copy and paste the below code in the includefolder and name it as header.php . Dont save in txt format , hope you know all about it. <head> <title>Commission by Free CSS Templates</title> </head> <body>