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What is Joomla ? Some of my friends asked me “Your site is powered with Joomla . Whats is Joomla ?” So let me tell something about Joomla ,for the site uses it . Joomla is a Content Management System ( CMS ). What do you mean by a CMS or Content Management System ? A CMS is a computer software system for organising and facilitating collobarative creation of documents and other content. A CMS is frequently a web application used for managing web sites and web content . Is Joomla the only CMS ? No , there are lots of other CMS systems . Some of the popular CMS are Joomla , Drupal , Maboo , Typo3 , Wordpress etc . These CMS are all free and under the licence of GNU / GPL or in the opensource licence. As its free you can download change and redistribute , and enjoy the power of free software . What I feel about Joomla , Drupal , Typo3 , Wordpress ? Joomla is a powerful award winning Open Source CMS system. When you install it for the first time with sample datas, you will defnitely love it. Mainly due to the template ja purity . Joomla has lots of extensions and plugins. So customizing the design is some what easy .You can see many sites are now running in Joomla. The recent site I visited is of the tata nano . Yes build in Joomla. Some of the sites of kerala government is in Joomla.Found finance ministers site . Drupal is also a wonderfull CMS . I have not explored it a lot like Joomla . Just tried here and there only . Joomla uses frame works. Some from zend is also being used. Recently I was reading in a Joomla forum about the designing of a news paper site. One guy has recommended Drupal for it and he tells although Drupal has ugly templates , making a news paper site is simple in Drupal than in Joomla . He has a list of sites also which runs on Drupal. So I thought of trying it in Joomla , then later in Drupal too. I want to explore some of the plugins in Joomla, also in Drupal Wink. Typo3 is also another CMS that so many people are using. It uses formidable template engine. If you need to customize the design and all, you may need to learn it first. So some what hard I think. I have not installed and configured one. It has a lot of feature, as the developers itself tell you , you can’t learn typo3 in 2 days. If you need to learn in 2 days , you can go for some other cms. Yes its hard to learn, but I agree with them that , once you learn , you will be the master. Some of the features I liked in it are the manage mutiple sites from one backend. Its simply superb . Today ( 26-03-2009 ) I some how installed Typo3 . Its hard for a newbie. Really hard. Though its has documentation and all, its not easy as Joomla or Drupal. Anyway I would like to learn it . Some of the things that I am interested to work on the future are smarty , frameworks ( Zend or Symfony ) , drupal , joomla , wordpress , sugar crm …………. and many more . Wordpress is the easy one which any one can maintain . Though Joomla , Drupal , Typo3 etc claims easy to maintain and all , its not much easy as Wordpress. Wordpress is mainly used for blogging. When I started my blog at blogger I found many sites which have used the term “powered by wordpress” . At that time I also downloaded the wordpress , but I was unaware how to make it work . Wordpress is the first one I have installed in my local system after knowing about it from my college days . It was Dilpu’s blog which uses wordpress. Now the site is no longer available. He is not maintaining that site , but now is in blogger I think. Anyway it was he who have shown me the real path . So thanks to him . So if you are interested in blogging I recommend wordpress . You can use Drupal , Joomla etc , but you need to spend some time learning about it . Will add more contents to it . Stay tuned :) .

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