How to Earn Money From Internet ?

Yesterday my friend Jithesh called me . He used to call me , but today he was having a doubt also . “Will I get some money from online jobs ?I have seen various places about data entry , google kit etc . Whats this man ? ” So I thought of wrting about it . If you are interested here it is You too can earn . But read completely with some patienceSmile . The one source that I am pretty sure is google gives you money . Now you may be thinking why google needs to pay you money? They pay you the money for the advertisement or the ads they are showing in your site . What do you mean by a site ? A site is some place where you place some contents to the public. For eg : is a site .Yahoo , AOL , Rediff etc . How can I get a site ? Now there are lots of free hosting services . Googles page creator , Blogger by google , yahoo geocities etc are some services. I prefer you googles page creator or blogger . Geocities will add their own ads. But googles services like blogger and page creator is ads free . They host it freely . You need only a gmail account to start it . Blogger is a nice one , if you dont know much html . You don’t want to bother about the html and all . Its simple as you send a mail. I suggest blogger for those who are unfamiliar about html . You can also go for a paid hosting and get a domain name . If you are not familiar about it the best one is to get a blogger account and slowly you will learn. My site is ready . What should I do next ? Register for google adsense program . You can register with your gmail ID . If you are using blogger , then you can affiliate to google adsense from there . Else you can login to your adsense account get the code which suits the correct position , width , height and place there. How to make your site popular ? Announce your site . Let your friends come and visit your site and if the contents of the page helps them , they will recommend to their friends and the number of visitors increase . Dont bother about the payment and all . Write relevant posts . Google itslef will find your site in their search . When will I receive my payment ? After your account reaches 50$ they will send you the code for verification of your identity . You just need to login and give the identity number . When your acoount reaches $100 the payment is ready . You can hold the payment or they will send you the money in their next month . Have it cheers …. Is this all true ? Have you received any ? :) . When I started my google adsense I used to tell my friends to visit my site . There was no relevant contents in my site. But after that I started my blog . Some of them was useful to others. People came to my blog . Some of my friends called me $ ( dollar ) those time . I was not sure at that time whether I will receive it or not ? So I was not able to quarrel with them. But when I got the confirmation code I was some what sure that this will work . Finally I was successful and I am receiving my $$$$$$$$$$$ .Smile Some of my old frineds have started adsense now . Smile . Now they know I am successful. Thanks to google . Do you know any other source ? Yahoo , also is having adsense program . I have not tried all that . So I cant guarantee you . Mail your friends about this . Let them too learn and earn . * Note Things you must remember Never click your ads ..Before joining please read more about googe adsense from their help . This article will be edited to include a more detailed view. So stay tuned . I will teach you to earn more $$$ than me Smile If you find this article please spend some time to add your comments or digg it.

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