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Custom Events in Symfony2 Bundle

20 Years of PHP

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Our Awesome Php People

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Status Code 304

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Paid to Speak

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vfsStream and File System

Design Principles for a Better CMS

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Yahoo Open Hack India 2012

Speaking at Barcamp Bangalore August 25th 2012 on Aura PHP

Yahoo Open Hack India 2012, on August 11th, 12th at Bangalore

Day 2 at the Fifth Elephant

Day 1 at the Fifth Elephant

REST API Design Rulebook by Mark Massé; O’Reilly Media

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Tweets and Relationship

Installing and Configuring PHP 5.4

Aura Project Aiming to PHP 5.4 + Only

Writing for Sitepoint

Speaking at Barcamp Kerala 11th Edition at IIM(K)

HTML5 and Beyond by Shwetank Dixit

Search for a Good Internet Service Provider in Kerala

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Things That Will Help You for the Smooth Running of a Company

Dries Visiting India, We Have Drupal Camp

Resolving RPC Failed for Github

Symfony2 the Future of PHP ?

Book Review Kohana 3.0 Beginner’s Guide by Packt

Reading and Writing CSV Files in PHP

Scraping the Web With Goutte

Contributing to PHP

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Documentation With Help of Sphinx and Readthedocs

Get Set Go … Yes Come, Lets Start Playing With Aura Packages

Wordpress 3 Ultimate Security

Contributing to an Opensource Project in Github

A Peep Through PHP 5.3 Frameworks

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Replacing Mysql Query Browser and Phpmyadmin With Adminer

Adding HTML Purifier Library in Lithium

Your First Cup of Lithium

Walking You Through OSIDays 2010

Meeting Richard Mathew Stallman at Calicut

Install MongoDb via Aptitude and Not via Synaptic

Integrating Doctrine With Zendframework for Modules

PHP5 CMS Framework Development

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OSI Days , Asia’s Largest Opensource Conference

Playing With Ratproxy - Passive Web Application Security Assessment Tool

Thinking of Developing an Application With Zend Framework

Change Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook 2007 Look and Feel

Link to Mootools Doc in jQuery Website

The World’s Most Secure Browser

Making Firefox Look Similar to Google Chrome

Kerala Google Technology Users Group and Adobe Launch Event

Looking Back Barcamp 8 at Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies ( MACFAST )

Converting From PSD to XHTML and Cross Browser Compatibility

How Strong Are You in PHP and MySQL

Translate From English to Any Native Languages

Does He Opens the Mail I Send ? Why the Images Are Blocked in Mail ?

8th Barcamp Kerala at Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies, Tiruvalla (MACFAST)

Second Symfony Workshop at Bangalore

Symfony Workshop at Bangalore Brings Qaeet Application

Twitter Retweet Button, Show Tweets ( Twitter Feeds ) on Your Websites

Symfony Live 2010 at Paris

Pranav Mistry at TED : The Sixth Sense

Benefits of Open Source Frameworks Over Custom Frameworks

Good Bye 2009 Let’s Welcome 2010

Introducing Processingjs a Visualisation Language

Somethiing About Kohana and Lithium PHP Framework

Seventh Barcamp at Kristu Jyoti College of Management and Technology

Netbeans 6.8 Comes With Support for Symfony Framework , Zend Framework

The Google Internet Bus in Kerala , Karnataka , Tamil Nadu , Andhra Pradesh

What I Feel After Using Google Chrome OS

Google Comes With Movie Search for Your Location

Base Files to Start Your Zend Framework Project

Alexa Traffic Rank for a Website

Zend Framework Bug Hunt

Drupal 6 Content Administration

Do We , PHP Developers Need to Follow a Single Framework ?

Finally I Too Got Google Wave

Ubuntu 9.10 and You Get 2GB of Online Storage Free

Great Wonders in the World of Mozilla Firefox

Zend Framework 1.8 Web Application Development

Configuring Zendframework 1.9 in GNU/Linux or Any

Opensource Microblogging ( Twitter ) Clients for GNU/Linux

Google Builder and Supported Operating Systems

Is Your Network Secure ?

Rajgiri College Cochin Hosted the 6th Barcamp-Kerala

Does CSS Frameworks Helps in Rapid Development of Websites ?

Google Acquires reCAPTCHA

Add WYSIWYG Ckeditor to Zend_Textarea Element of Zend_Form

Complete Working Example for Pagination Using Zend_Paginator

Windows7 Not Released but Is Active

Zend Framework Tutorial, Build Your Blog

Great Firefox Addons to Download Files Easily

New Advertisement of Oracle and Sun and Message to IBM

Mozilla Service Week and Rewards for You

Onam Celebration at ISPG Cochin

Phpunit a Tool to Write Tests

Selenium a Good Tool for Testers to Record the Action

Will Bhuvan Get Much Popularity Like Google Earth ?

Working on Zendstudio I5

Administration Module Generation for ZendFramework 1.9

Zend Framework Command Line Tools

Different Drupal Themes That I Love

Browser War Seems to End but OS War Starts

Yahoo With the New Redesign

Configuring BSNL ZTE EVDO in Opensolaris

Easy Tutorial to Quickly Learn ZendFramework 1.8

I Got Google Voice Invitation, but :(

Whats the Value of Education ?

Never Compare Ruby on Rails With PHP

Gmail Voice and Video Chat Plugin

Gmail Password Recovery on Phone

Wolfram a New Way to Learn

Google Coming With the Google Chrome OS Lately in 2010

Google Introducing Wave , the Application That Is Coming to Rock in 2009

Zimbra Desktop to Manage Email , Calendars and Much More

Setting to Run Mysql Query Within Aptana Studio

Running Aptana Studio, PHP IDE on Ubuntu 9.04

Download Videos Which Are Played in Your Browser

Spread Fire From Fox Ie Firefox

Introducing Google Phone Number

DHTML Jquery Based Google Like Week Planner and Calendar

Playing Video in Ubuntu 9.04 ( Jaunty ) Ends Session Fixed

Visual Search by Searchme

Learn From Your Failures

Google Book Store vs Amazon

Quick Move From Joomla to Drupal

Welcome to the World of Hari K T, PHP Developer

Editing Flickr Photos Online With Picnik

Google Recently Launched Study Tips for Students

Introducing Git Version Control System by Linus Torvalds the Man Behind It

Track Every Coin to Save Your Budget, a Product From Ion Labs

Getting Value of Objects Inside a Multidimensional Array in Php

IDE’s for PHP Development or PHP Development Softwares

2009 Election Results of Kerala and India

Things That You Must Take Care Before Selecting a Hosting

Working With Joomla and Drupal

Is GPL Misused ?

Enjoyed Barcamp 5 From Park Center, Technopark

Chinmaya Vidyalaya 2000-01 Batch Reunion on May 2nd Rocked

Firebug a Handy Tool for Web Developers

Booting Gnewsense Gnu/linux From USB Flash Drive

Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and Open Street Maps

Concern Over Open Source Softwares and Big Giants Over MySQL

Replacement for Skype With Ekiga or Twinkle or Coccinella or SIP Communicator for Gtalk

Celebrating My 24 Th B’day With Ubuntu 9.04, Colleagues at ISPG, Friends and Dear Ones

Search Yahoo , Google , Youtube , Flicker , Facebook and More From Kosmix

Ubuntu 9.04 Is About to Release

Low Disk Space , Store Images and Files in Database Or

Bad Day , but Enjoyed a Good Movie

Opensolaris Installation on Ubuntu and After Effects of Grub

Web Hosting Service

Resizing Image Using Command Line in GNU/Linux

Barcamp Kerala 5th Edition on May 3rd @ Technopark , Trivandrum

Reunion of Chinmaya Vidyalaya Calicut

FireFTP , Filezilla a Wonderful Tool for Web Developers

Kompozer a Wonderful Dreamweaver Like WYSIWYG Editor for GNU/Linux , Windows, Mac

GNU / GPL Licenced E-commerce Systems

Yahoo Like Folder in Gmail

Frameworks in PHP

Select Box Poking Out Through Menu in IE 6

Bookmark Manager Foxmarks Now Xmarks

Piwik and Google Webanalytics

Downloading Youtube Videos to Your System

Adding Digg , Button in Blogger

Captcha Image for Joomla

Comments in Joomla

PHPDirector, Have Your Own Free Video Cms Site

Learning Ajax

Change Is the Law of Life

Downloading a File

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How to Earn Money From Internet ?

Joomla, Drupal, Typo3, Wordpress, Mamboo .. Cms